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A R T H O U S E  is a digital platform that connects workers in the creative industries with living and working spaces to swap, sublet and use for residencies.

We aim to launch in 2021. But first, we need your input - your experiences, needs and wants - to make it the best service it can be for the industry.


You can support the development of ARTHOUSE by taking part in our initial online survey: [click here] and/or [download Word doc here]If you have any further access needs please [contact us].

Short term, it will be a formal, large scale and robust network that hosts and connects cultural workers with cost-price sublets, spare rooms, home swaps, affordable desk spaces, meeting spaces and more.

Long term, it aims to practically support sustainable international mobility through travel grants, paid multi-disciplinary residency opportunities with a revolving panel, patron-pairing and more.

ARTHOUSE proposes a system that moves away from traditional and current models. We aim to share and generate sustainable space options for the creative industries internationally. Whilst some local, niche and/or informal networks exist, ARTHOUSE aims to be a central platform for individuals and groups to address their space needs.


We're aiming to create a formal network worldwide that allows for the sharing of resources in the form of space. The benefits could include:

  • A network of affordable accommodation and other spaces for the creative industries

  • The connecting of cultural workers with patrons of the arts

  • An opportunity for creative links to be formed between artists, enabling cultural exchange and more collaborative practices

  • Access to studio spaces and a network of creatives in situ

  • Access to financially supported residencies paid for through the ARTHOUSE network

  • Supporting a platform that contributes toward carbon off-setting

The online survey takes approximately 10 - 20 minutes and is hosted by Google Forms. We aim to collate responses by 30 November 2020.

Some questions are simple fact-based questions about you. Some questions require a bit more headspace. Thank you for taking part!

Your contribution through taking part in the survey is invaluable to the development of this service. We want to build this philosophy with you, which is why we are asking lots of questions and challenging our assumptions so that we can create something that actually responds to the needs of our community. ​ We appreciate your support, your ideas and your feedback and we look forward to sharing this platform with you. [Read more about our approach here.]


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