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01. In partnership with Artsadmin and The Place, we're building an alternative digs list for London

As part of our commitment to supporting the independent artistic community, we are in the process of building a vetted network of affordable accommodation where artists can stay and feel safe whilst temporarily in London. This is an initiative between Artsadmin, The Place, and the ARTHOUSE collective.

Accommodation on this list prescribe specifically to the values of being affordable, accessible, LGBTQ+ welcoming, anti-racist spaces where artists can be physically, mentally, culturally, and environmentally safe. 

The range of brilliant hosts include people who may have a spare bedroom, who travel a lot or from time to time, who have more bedrooms than they need, or have an Airbnb they manage.​ We thank everyone who has come forward for inclusion.

Whilst the list is currently in the stage of being formalised for publication, we are also keen to connect with London based organisations who may have residential spaces that may have pockets of availability at times during the year and wish to partner on the initiative. Should you wish to participate in this, please email us directly.

02. The 2023 Artist Residency Initiative
In 2023, ARTHOUSE will facilitate an international residency exchange connecting independent artists with people who have spare rooms or second homes, to give them inspiring places to work, based around notions of the sharing economy.

Space for artists to work and reflect is at a premium. By offering spaces such as this as residency space, patrons directly contribute to strengthening and supporting the development of art, culture and creativity in society.

The first cohort of artists and home-owners will be screened and selected in the second part of 2022, with the initial residency programme commencing in 2023.

We look forward to sharing more with you soon.
03. About
ARTHOUSE is an initiative led by Anna Maguire (Canada/UK), Sarah Purisa Maguire (UK) and Thomas Weißschnur (Germany). [Anna and Sarah unrelated.] It's aim is to disrupt and democratise residency and residential spaces for independent artists working around the world.
04. Contact
For further information, to register your interest, and/or to keep updated with developments, please feel free to email us directly via
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